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Dash Computer Solutions software provides a full line of integrated modules to handle schools' administrative needs. Although the different modules work in concert, a school that is tied to an existing IT system can often benefit from purchasing individual modules for their other needs.

What distinguishes our offerings from those of our competitors is increased software customization, closer communication, and better scheduling algorithms.

Our Modules

All of our modules include installation, ongoing training, and continuous customer support with our team of Dash experts.
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Reports, Letters and Labels

Dash has a wide range of reports, schedules and letters that can be generated at the click of a button, while also offering users the ability to create custom reports, letters and labels using the Report Generator.
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Third Language Support

Dash is pleased to offer customized reports, schedules, report cards, and portal websites in third languages such as Hebrew, Yiddish, and Inuktitut. Please contact us to find out what services we could provide for your First Nations, Arabic, Greek, Armenian, German, or other language schools.
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Dash also provides custom software development and consulting for organizations. Contact us for more information.
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Adult Education and Vocational Training

Many Dash modules are available in versions that are adapted to the realities of adult education. Contact us for more information