Portals are a website for the school with a personalized login for each parent, student, teacher and/or staff member. The portal allows schools to securely share up-to-date information with their communities.

Students and their parents can check schedules, announcements, assignments and general information from anywhere they have internet access. Teachers have the added ability to print class lists, input attendance records, create announcements and assign homework. As always with Dash, individual schools can choose what components best suit their particular needs, and the range of possible applications is ever-expanding.

Available Applications

  • Post daily bulletin
  • Distribute forms, photos and school documents
  • Display transcripts and schedules
  • Track portal usage

  • Submit items for the daily bulletin
  • Post homework assignments
  • Fill in attendance
  • View and print class lists

  • View the daily bulletin, forms and photos
  • Check online homework assignments
  • Review transcripts, schedules and reports
  • Book parent teacher interviews