The huge variety of automatic reports available within Dash can facilitate almost any aspect of running a school. From information to help assign workloads, to custom absence cards showing statistics on student attendance, each module comes with its own set of documents designed to provide quick access to vital information.

For frequently used data, most reports can be found simply by right-clicking the room, course, or individual that they pertain to. Cumulative reports are also accessible from the various module menus in Dash.

The Report Generator

For more particular cases, there is a report-generator designed to quickly call up and organize almost any content in the Dash database. Reports and letters combining information in Dash with highly customizable layout and graphics can be designed via an in-program HTML editor. Further, each report can easily be printed or exported in PDF, text or spreadsheet format (e.g., Excel).

Personalized Letters & Labels

Dash can create personalized letters for students and staff that include customized graphics, such as student photos and school logos. With the help of an integrated HTML editor, it is possible to create flexible letters that use the information stored in the Dash database. Further, the same letter can be generated for an entire class of students, yet the name of the student and other personal details will be modified for each copy of the letter. Dash provides letter templates, as well as technical support to help schools create and configure automatic letters, such as those printed automatically based on students' absences.

Finally, if the resources at hand do not seem well-suited to a particular objective, Dash’s staff can help find the ideal solution.